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The HOPE Programme

The HOPE Programme aims at providing accurate information relating to cancer to help patients, caregivers, members of the public and healthcare professionals make informed decisions about screening, early detection and treatment of cancer. Various projects for the

HOPE Programme include the HOPE handbooks, educational articles on cancer and educational programmes for healthcare professionals.

Pfizer collaborates with the Malaysian Oncological Society (MOS) to publish the HOPE Handbook 1 and 2 to provide cancer patients, their caregivers and the support circle of friends and families an excellent resource to understand and cope with cancer and to assist their loved ones.  The objectives are to provide continued education and awareness creation, and to empower caregivers with the knowledge, contacts and techniques to be more effective in fulfilling their roles.

The HOPE Handbooks for Cancer Caregivers are distributed through oncology clinics, cancer support groups and through the MOS official website, www.malaysiaoncology.org.

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